Picture, Picture, ahhhh

This is a collection of a man and his photographs. He is not a photographer but rather just a hobbyist. Though he won't admit it because for him, taking pictures is not just a hobby, it is a passion. He dabbles in portraits, likes big bokehs, easily amazed by low light shots and awed with action night shots. In short, he likes taking photos. Hopefully you'll like his photos too. This blog is a testament in his lame attempt in photography.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Trip to Jerusalem

Open your door, Dance on the floor.
Hey, what's your name? Let's play a game.
When it begins, your head will spin.
I am the champ, come see me stomp.

Trip to Jerusalem 1

Oh tell me do you wanna fly?
Fly high way up in the sky
Or maybe you don't even have to try
All you have to do is follow that star

Trip to Jerusalem 2

But when the star doesn't shine
You won't be able to find your way
And the wise man will still remain
The king of trip to Jerusalem

Trip to Jerusalem 3

Trip to Jerusalem by Eraserheads

Wednesday, March 23, 2011